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 Key Stage 3

Key Stage Three is made up of pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9, generally from ages 11 to 14. It is a fabulous and exciting section of the school, both for the pupils and staff. It involves a fresh start in which the pupils cease to be the oldest pupils in a home-room teaching system and become the youngest pupils in a new system where they have to move from one specialist teaching room to another to receive their education. It is a time of change, both physically and emotionally. This change is a challenge and requires a major development in their personal organisational skills. They need our guidance, support and lots of encouragement during this time, as their ability to become critical and independent thinkers develops.


At Key Stage Three the role of the school is to:

- prepare pupils for the adult world

- give them the skills and the knowledge they need for lifelong learning

- introduce them to a wide range of subjects and studies

- make them more independent, self-disciplined and self-aware

- show them how to think and learn and study for themselves

- give them confidence to join in, ask questions, help others and lay the foundations for success at IGCSE and beyond.


Key Stage 3 Subjects



Art and Design


 Islamic Studies


Physical Education

Arabic & French








Key Stage 3 Tutor Teams 2017-2018


Y7 Tutors


Y8 Tutors


Y9 Tutors




Mr. P Washer


Mr. O Messaoudi

 Mr. W Van Der Merwe




Miss. S Abdessadok



Mr. Fairbrother

Mr. Nichol


Mrs. G Coan


Mr. Mulliah


Mrs. B Yousefi


Mr. S Maggs

Mr. Ahmed


Mr. Al-Zaidy


Mr. M Taha

Mr. T Beach

Mr. Aitken