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 Zikreet Stingrays

The Blue house, Zikreet Stingrays, started in 2005 when Mr. Cruikshank launched the new House system. The first officers were Dr Hubbard, Head of house and Mrs. Monger, Deputy Head. When Mrs. Monger left Dukhan, she was replaced with Mr. Fowler. The Stingrays were chosen as one of the fauna of the Arabian Gulf with blue representing the sea by which we are surrounded. In the first two years the Stingrays were excellent particularly in the sporting field, helped by superstars such as the Beard family and Thomas Morgan. The Stingrays were the inaugural winners of the competition and followed up with a win in the second year as well.

Introduction from the Heads of Zikreet Stingrays

Hi everyone! I am from Belfast, Ireland and new to Dukhan. Thank you all for supporting me while I take on this new role. I know we are sad to have Miss Forrest step down but she is not gone and is most definitely not forgotten.

Already I have witnessed the amazing strength, endurance and commitment of the Primary Blue House students. You guys are amazing! I am so proud of how much we have achieved since the start of the new academic year – I don’t just mean the winning…the sportsmanship, the camaraderie and the commitment. The Blue House students have BLOWN me away!
Way to go Stingrays! You are AWESOME!

Mr Akram has been the Head of Secondary Blue House since May 2014. Having an enjoyment of sports and the Arts, he really enjoys seeing his pupils give their absolute best, regardless of the event. So, if you are a student that is the senior school, tell him how you have contributed to the House System. If it is good news then there may be a House Point waiting for you!

Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3-5
Whole School
R. Babu 
H. Ramilawaty 
R. Santeev
M.Van Vuuren
N. Panoy
J.  Chrystobal
C.  Sagudang
A. Thomas
H. Kruger 
M. Prabha 
D. Craighead
S. A-Sibayan
S. Palleotti


A. Ishmael 
A. Justice
S. Williams
A. Akram 
E. Bashir
D. Aitken
P. Fairbrother
C. Nichol
J. Palleotti 
A. Rebeta