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End of Term 2 01-May-2019

Dear students I have been very pleased with your progress this year. Academically, you continue to reach for the stars; well done! Don’t give up as great things await you. You have also worked hard to understand the QP Values and have started to embed them in the life at DES and in the wider community. I have very much enjoyed your delivery in assemblies and have learnt much from you. Your respect for yourself, your family, your school and your community in so many ways will surely become the hallmark for DES in the coming years. Soon you will hear about QP’s Code of Conduct. This will be about how our behaviours are changed by what we believe. To lead this important aspect of work the school has appointed an Integrity Ambassador and you will be pleased to know that is Mr. Irfan Ahmed, our KS4 Progress Leader. Mr. Ahmed will lead us in the coming months to make more sense of the QP Values and the Code of Conduct. Maybe, as a result of this work, we may appoint Integrity Ambassadors from the student body to lead the school forward. I look forward to my final term at DES and working with the best children in the whole wide world!

End of Term 1 2018 17-Dec-2018

​​​​​​​​​Dear DES Students,

It has been a busy but rewarding term with a wealth of activities taking place.
When we return in January, external exams are around the corner and it's just 6 months before the end of the year.  Respect time as it disappears so quickly!

Have a good holiday and if you are sitting external exams this year, do not take the next two weeks as a holiday.  By all means have a rest and family time but prepare for your upcoming exams.


Mrs. Hussain

Thank you. End of Term 2 20-Mar-2018

It is reassuring to hear our senior schools is busy with their preparation for external examinations.  If there is any further support we can provide, please do speak to us.

Despite the examination season, DES has managed an enjoyable few weeks:

The BIS Qatar games at Aspire Dome was a valuable experience for our students and we must thank the parents who also graced the occasion with their presence, it was really appreciated by the staff.

STEM Day last Thursday was a great learning experience for our students and staff.  I look forward to the learning from this day permeate our lessons across the school.  A big thank you to the older students who acted as Facilitators, they delivered very effectively, well done.  As one child said to me "I learnt too much Miss, really enjoyed the day".

Spring Fair on Sunday was my first experience of it in Dukhan.  A family spirit prevailed and I know it was throughly enjoyed by all, from babies to the elderly.  As a gesture of thanking staff, the gentleman who bought the 1st Prize Cake (remember it was Raffled) came to school the following day and gave it to staff to enjoy.

Students are preparing well for Destination Imagination event next week.  We fully support them, wish them well and eagerly await the results!

Mrs. R. A. Hussain

Busy Examination Period Ahead! 06-Feb-2018

A busy term starts as preparation for external examinations get under way.
I expect students have devised a structured revision timetable and sensible revision has started when they are not in lessons. That means for AS/A2 designated rooms for focused work, some time spent on studies in the evenings, weekends and holidays. Sacrificing now will bear fruits later! All the very best to all our young people as they progress to their external examinations. It goes without saying, we are here to support you with anything you need, please just ask.

Mrs. Hussain's Blog! 12-Sep-2017

​Many congratulations to DES students on achieving their iGCSE, AS or A2 results. Did I say reach for the stars?  Well many of you certainly did and look at the outcomes of your hard work and commitment.
Of course, we must not forget the consistent support from the parents and teachers on the journey to excellence. We hope that these results will now open doors for you to continue growing in your chosen paths and in time positively contributing to your family, your local community and making a real dent on the international seen. The best of luck to you all.

Principal's Blog coming soon! 24-Aug-2017

Principal's Blog coming soon!

Monthly Newsletter 02-Nov-2016

Dear Students 

DES will be creating a monthly Newsletter. Our first edition will go out tomorrow. Please think of articles for future inclusion. I want us to celebrate the good teaching and learning taking place at DES and the 1001 activities and events the school provides. Let's make this Newsletter an opportunity to celebrate and also provide parents information about the wonderful things going on at DES. Thank you for your help. 

Mrs R. A. Hussain

Mrs. Hussain's First Post! 18-Sep-2016

​Dear Students

I am so looking forward to having constructive conversations with you about your achievements and, of course, how I can help you further. My eyes were wide open with great admiration as I watched the presentations made by DES students in the NXplorers week. I saw confident young men and women articulating a clear vision for their projects. I await eagerly to have an update on the next stage of these projects.

Mrs. R. A. Hussain

A Time for Reflection 21-Jun-2016

I have just attended my first formal Iftar, generously hosted at the DWS by A.Hamid Ahmad M S Janahi, and what a privilege it was. We gathered before the 6.30pm prayer and then met again in the Restaurant area for a wonderful meal. I wasn't quite sure how many courses were coming, as the stewards brought us plate after plate of delicious food, and I was served fresh lobster for the first time in my life! 

It was good to speak with many attendees, mostly about our families and my own twin daughters' weddings which are being planned for Summer 2017. After sweets, we parted in time for the 7.30pm prayer and then went our separate ways.

As well as enjoying the novelty and generosity of the occasion, I was struck by one of my fellow diners' comments as I struggled with the wave after wave of food coming my way. "You would appreciate the food more if you had been fasting all day", he said simply.

That thought stayed with me overnight as I reflect on my preparations to leave Qatar. Witnessing the Holy Month of Ramadan within the Dukhan community reminds me of the importance of spiritual reflection and discipline, combined with spiritual, personal and physical sacrifice. It is a time when thinking more of others than of ourselves takes a front seat in our thinking and behaviours, alongside the focus on prayer and reflection, at the expense of food and drink.

Whilst I do strive to maintain my own spiritual health alongside my physical well-being, I have been caused to think again about how effectively I make special provision in my day, week and year to 'live out' what I believe in my soul. As my friend reminded me last night, perhaps we only truly appreciate the good things around us when we are prepared to make a sacrifice ourselves.

STEM Extravaganza! 26-May-2016

​25th May 2016 saw the QP Schools' STEM Challenge where over 100 students joined together from DES and MIS to celebrate technical ingenuity. Primary and Secondary students alike presented over 20 stalls to guests and staff at the World Trade Centre in Doha, ranging from robotics and F1 design to insulin production and astronomy. Thirty-two Year 10 students competed in four teams of eight to design and market a new product from scratch, the winners being Team Envision who designed a gadget to help the visually impaired.

It is at times like these that the dynamism and creativity of young people come to the fore and we can find new hope for the future. And when we recall the Qatar Vision to make our nation the home of the knowledge economy, we can see that DES and MIS are both well on the way to helping achieve that goal.

Never too late..... 24-Jan-2016

After a busy Autumn Term and the Ramadan Observances last Summer, it was good to finally celebrate the efforts and achievements of our students in the 2014-2015 Secondary Prizegiving. Although I did not know those students who left Year 11 and the Sixth Form last June, it was a privilege to mark their successes.

It was also good to reward EFFORT as well as ACHIEVEMENT because every student can try their hardest even though not everyone can arrive at the top of the class. It was also right to recognise talents in music, drama, film and sport as well as in academics, even though Migs lost out in his duel with Khalid in our "Five Stumps Challenge". Perhaps revenge is on the way as we prepare for our Sports Days and National Sports Day in February?

So, even though we are about six months 'late' in making our awards this year, it is good for us all to remember that, however long it takes, it is never too late to say "Well Done".

The Final Act 16-Dec-2015

Like our students' version of A Midsummer Night's Dream, today's Final Act of Term One brought together, into one happy conclusion, all of the busy, hilarious, confusing and enlightening parts of my life at DES thus far.

I cannot quite say that my four months in Dukhan have been filled with donkeys, duplicities and dubious eye lotions, but there have been some wonderfully memorable moments.

Watching Shakespeare come alive is always a treat for me, and to see our very own students master such a clever text in a language so different from their own mother tongues was a delight. To see Year 7 students hold their own amidst more experienced peers was uplifting. And to hear 'laugh-out-loud' moments rebound around the auditorium as Bottom strutted his stuff was a joy.

Just as it was to see today's Art Competition, which combined the ingenuity, dexterity and steady determination of everyone in the Secondary School, taking place alongside the troupes of Primary Elsa's, Supermen, Snow Whites and Army Guys who ran around the Front Green in the winter sun, without a care in the world.

Yes, over the past few days I have needed a few doctor's potions, not for my eyes but for my dose of Dukhan Tummy that has laid me low at a time when everyone else is getting excited about the holidays. Gladly, however, this will not be my abiding memory of the Term. No, I shall be visiting my family in UK over the Winter Break with tales of sandstorms, sunshine and smiling students; of freshly-made biscuits and welcoming "Good Mornings", of musical talent, sporting success and classroom concentration; of robots, Red Crescent and Stella.

Wow - such a lot in such a short time. And there are still two Terms to go! I wish all of you a fantastic National Day and Winter Holiday and let's all promise ourselves that 2016 will be ever better!

Apple for the Teacher 15-Nov-2015

In 33 years of teaching, I can honestly say that I have never been brought an apple by a student. Although the occasional student has bumped into me and thanked me for some help I might have given them through school, and whilst many former students have kept in touch over the years to share their news, no-one has ever sent me a "fruity thank you".

Last week, however, some of Mrs Coan's Year 5 class got very close. My office door knocked and in came a delegation of biscuit-carrying enthusiasts, each one with an offering for my delectation. The biscuits were hand-made, in response to a recent topic on recipes from Ancient Greece, and they formed an impressive picture as they were spread out before me. However, I was not allowed simply to admire these tasty gifts; I was required to taste them too!

One by one, the treats found their way from the table in front of me, into my mouth, occasionally via my lap as some of the delicate offerings crumbled in my clumsy hands. They may not have been as easy to eat as an apple, but thank you, young pastry chefs of 5GTC; you made my day.

Proper Pride 21-Oct-2015

Being arrogant is not a desirable quality in anyone, because it essentially sets oneself above other people and says "I am worth something and you are worth nothing".

Being pleased with your work, or your contribution to a team, or your actions in helping someone is not a bad thing; it is 'proper pride' because it says "I am doing my best" and it doesn't try to put anyone else down.

Imagine my "proper pride" therefore when our Head Boys and Girls handed over 80,000 Riyals to the Qatari Red Crescent at our recent Whole School Assemblies. This isn't us saying that our school gives more money to charity than other schools in the country. Nor does it say that anyone who doesn't give to charity is despicable. All it says is that I am delighted to think that our school population has worked so hard to raise money to help others in the world who are in serious and genuine need.

That is a good thing to do, and I am proud of everyone who did anything to help in that cause.

Four Proud Houses of Dukhan 14-Oct-2015

House Assemblies remind me of all the richness within a school family.

We all share the same school identity but we all have our different characteristics and, like a family, our Houses reflect the different personalities amongst us. Some are sporty, others academic; some are musical and others dramatic. Some lead, some follow, some thrive in the limelight, some prefer to operate 'backstage'.

But most of all, there is a place for everyone in our family, and in our four Houses. Everyone is included and everyone has something unique to bring. By the end of this year, one House will triumph across the variety of competitions, activities and class challenges, but every single child will have contributed something to their House's total, however large or small.

So, I look forward to seeing how the House Competition unfolds this year and I encourage everyone to get involved and try their best. Wouldn't it be amazing if this year's top House won by one House Point, and that House Point was won by you!

Post 3 03-Oct-2015

​As many of you will now know, I am from Ireland and am an avid rugby fan.  It is with great interest, therefore, that I look back at the UK at present to see the events of the Rugby World Cup unfolding.

So far, some very small countries have overcome some of the favourites with Japan toppling South Africa and Wales defeating the might of England.  Of course, these are just the early battles as teams jostle for position in the Group Stages; by the time the final comes around at the end of October, who knows if South Africa and England might even be contesting the final!

At school, we often see the underdog coming through to surprise his rivals.  Not everyone can be huge, but everyone can try their hardest and sometimes they come sailing through unnoticed.  Already this year we have seen some true talent in school, not least on the Assembly Stage as our very own Boy Band and a gifted pianist have delighted the Secondary audience with their surprising talents.

I hope that you are determined to surprise someone this week.  Whether it is through an act of kindness, or a special effort to succeed, let us always be prepared to give of our best and let's see where that will take us.  It might even take us to our personal equivalent of a World Cup victory!

Principal's Blog Week 2 15-Sep-2015

Slowly but surely, my feet are getting used to the new shoes and the rest of me is beginning to feel very much at home in DES and in Dukhan. I now have the keys to my new home and am looking forward to moving into Zone 7 over the coming days. My office is organised, my pencils all sharpened, and we have all made an enthusiastic start to the new Term.

Last week I was also honoured to receive my first 'Party Bag' from John in Year 6; it is wonderful to see a school where those having a birthday give presents to others, rather than simply receive them. However, to everyone else with a birthday this Academic Year, please don't feel obliged to send me a 'bag' every time, as all of that chocolate will make me much bigger than I would like to be!

As far as the coming week is concerned, may I wish everyone a refreshing and peaceful time over the Eid Al Adha Holiday. I trust we will all have time to think and reflect on what is most important in life at this time, as well as enjoying time with our friends and families.

Finally, can I thank all of the parents, students and QP staff who have shown me such kindness and welcome in these early weeks at DES. It remains my aim to return this generosity of spirit with a similar level of dedication, hard work and genuine effort to serve our school and community to the best of my ability.

Principal's First Post! 23-Jun-2015

Every new school year brings a mixture of excitement and nerves.  A bigger pair of shoes, a new bag, new teachers and harder work.

For me, as I join DES as Principal, I am also excited and nervous.  Will anyone say "Hello"?  Will I get lost between school and my accommodation?  When will my new shoes stop hurting?

It is a privilege for me to lead our school in my first Principal post outside the UK.  I am ready for the hard work, and I hope our students will be too.  But if you see me around school, or in Food World, or at the beach, please say "Hello" and "Are your shoes OK now"?

Kind regards

Mr. N McQuoid

Principal's Blog Coming Soon... 01-Jun-2015

Principal's Blog Coming Soon...

Coming Soon... 26-May-2015

​Please come back soon for the next Headmaster's Blog.

Headmaster's Blog 05-May-2015

Recent Events.

I am delighted to inform parents that our recent QNSA Accreditation visit went very well, we will now have to await the final decision from the visiting team of inspectors. However I would like to say that in their final debriefing session they highlighted many positive aspects that they had observed during their visit. Can I take this opportunity of thanking all parents who took part in the parent's interviews that the team carried out, I'm sure your views and opinions on the school were well received.

Dates for your Diary

End of year assessments for KS3 and 4 pupils plus external exams are now upon us please encourage and motivate your child to do as much revision as possible.

Nepal Earthquake

I am sure you as parents have been shocked and saddened by the affects of the recent earthquake in Nepal, we have several Nepalese nationals working alongside us here at DES, we will as a school be fundraising in order to send a donation to the relief fund for Nepal.

Headmaster's Blog 30-Mar-2015

Recent Events

I was particularly pleased that we managed to hold our annual Spring Fair on Thursday 26th. After postponing the event for a week and with the threat of more rain it was great to see the event going off so successfully. Once again it was an occasion where the school community really comes together to enjoy the various stalls and games, good food and great company. My sincerest thanks to everyone who was involved in helping us stage this popular event.

Dates for your Diary

Summer Serenade an event I always look forward to will take place on 26th April tickets are on sale now.

Don't forget term ends this Thursday 1st April and we will reopen on Sunday 19th, can I take this opportunity of wishing the entire school community a peaceful, enjoyable break.

Sports results

I have been fortunate to witness some great sports results recently,
Under 16 Boys Qatar Cricket Champions – fantastic team effort QUESS Boys Athletics which I attended in Al Khor again brilliant individual and team performance for an overall second place
Year 8 Boys football – a good crowd of Dukhan supporters saw our boys beat Sherborne School in the final to become QUESS champions

Please look on the student zone for more details.

External Exams

External exams – IGCSE’s ; As and A levels are already upon us, my sincerest best wishes to all pupils involved, work hard and you will get the results you deserve.

Headmaster's Blog 03/03/2015 03-Mar-2015

Recent Events.

On Monday 23rd February I was delighted to be able to welcome Mr Abdulaziz Al Mannai Executive Vice President Human Capital (DA) to the school. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the visit and was particularly pleased to be able to observe some teaching and interact with some of our pupils.

Inter House Sports day took place on the 24th February, luckily the recent strong winds dropped so that we had good conditions for the events on the track. There were some great performances and lots of new records were set.

Once again this year KS1 and Early Years pupils were treated to an evening of Bedtime stories, lots of pupils and parents enjoyed a really special atmosphere listening to stories being read by our teachers.

Dates for your Diary

This Friday 6th March we are hosting our annual DESMUN event I would like to take this opportunity of wishing The Executive Team and all our delegates the best of luck for an enjoyable and successful day.

On 19th March we will be having our annual Spring Fair, as always we are looking forward to the school community coming together for this very popular event.

Sports results

Our sports results are now being posted on the website under "Student Zone" please take the time to have a look at them, we've had some great results recently. Well done to all participants.

Many thanks for your continued support

Headmaster's Blog 15/02/2015 17-Feb-2015

Recent Events.

Recently we have seen several hundred pupils from schools in Doha, Al Khor and Mesaieed visit us for the annual QUESS Cross Country and Road Race events. I am delighted to say that both events went very well and we as a school received a lot of positive comments for the quality of the organization, the venue and the additional support that our visitors received. Special thanks to the PE Department and the army of helpers who volunteered to help run the events. Also a special well done to Eleanor Hoyle of Year 9 who won both events in her age category.

National Sports Day

What a pity the strong winds led to the cancellation of many of the outdoor events, luckily we ran a very successful and popular rugby tournament which just about managed to beat the weather, well done to all involved.

Sports results

Our sports results are now being posted on the website under "Student Zone" please take the time to have a look at them, we've had some great results recently. Well done to all participants.

New Building

As parents if you have passed by the school recently I am sure you will have noticed some building work going on at the side of the school adjacent to the new hall. I am delighted to say this is for 12 new classrooms which will provide additional much needed classroom space for the future.

Many thanks for your continued support

Headmaster's Blog 18/01/2015 18-Jan-2015

Recent Parent's meetings.

I was very pleased to see an excellent turnout for the recent Year 9 Options evening. The presentation was very successful and hopefully gave both parents and pupils lots of good advice on how to choose their options for the IGCSE courses in year's 10 & 11.

The presentation on Malaysian Universities was also very popular with a large number of parents and pupils interested to hear what the possible options were for further study in Malaysia.

QUESS cross country

Once again DES hosted the QUESS cross country event which brought several hundred pupils from schools in Doha, Al Khor and Mesaieed to compete in this popular event. DES provided marshals and other officials to make sure the races ran smoothly, please check on our results elsewhere on the website.

Sports results

Our sports results are now being posted on the website under "Student Zone" please take the time to have a look at them, we've had some great results recently. Well done to all participants..

New Staff

Since my last blog we have been joined by Mr Max Ashley Cooper who has joined our English Department.

School Trips

Next week sees our Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award students travel to Sri Lanka for their residential course. They will be helping out and doing some rebuilding work at a small nursery school and I have no doubt it will be a very rewarding experience for all of them. A big thank you to all of our parents who have donated money, clothes and toys for the school and the residents of the village.

Afnan Ahma Sheifudeen

It was great to see Afnan back in school for a short visit. Afnan has been very poorly but it was great to see that he is on the road to recovering and is getting better. Hopefully we can get him back into school soon.

Many thanks for your continued support


​Headmaster's Blog Week ending 17th Dec 16-Dec-2014

DES 60th Birthday

An excellent day was enjoyed by all on Tuesday 9th December when we celebrated our 60th year as a school. From very small beginnings at the old clubhouse at the DWS to where we are today our 60 years has been an incredible journey. The day was divided into activities for our youngest all the way up to our oldest pupils. From a trip to the beach where it all started to activities in school everyone enjoyed the celebration with music, delicious "Birthday" cake and great team work in making the number 60 on the top field. We should soon be able to post some of the photos from the day so please look out for them.

Parent's Consultations

Many thanks to parents and staff who attended our recent parent's consultations, the percentage of parent's attending was very high indicating again the support that we as a school receive from our parents.

Sports results

Our sports results are now being posted on the website under "Student Zone" please take the time to have a look at them, we've had some great results recently. Well done to all participants.

Inter House

I have really enjoyed the Inter House events that we have had recently especially the Inter House music where I thought the quality of the performances was outstanding. Well done to all participants.

New Staff

Since my last blog we have been joined by Mr. Mark Young and his family. Mr. Young is our new Head of Music, a warm Dukhan welcome to the Young family.

Finally can I wish the Dukhan School Community a restful and enjoyable winter break, we will see you all again in the New Year.

Many thanks for your continued support

Welcome to the Dukhan English School Website 27-Nov-2014

Item 1

Welcome to the first Headmaster's Blog on our new website, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Mr Irfan Ahmed and the ICT and PR teams he has worked alongside for making this new and improved website a reality.
Item 2

  • Latest Sports Results – well done to all participants

  • Dukhan English School
  • PE Fixture Results

Fixtures from 23rd November – 27th November

Year 5/6 Girls Football A and B teams

A Team finished 4th

B Team finished 1st



The A Team performed extremely well in this tough competition and despite not conceding a goal for the whole tournament they lost in the semi finals on penalties and again in the 3rd 4th Play off match. MVP Jemima

The B Team were the strongest team in the B competition and dominated from start to finish. A great all round performance from the girls claiming first place. MVP Hala

Under 16 Boys Basketball v Doha British SchoolWon 49-16

Great performance from the boys and it was good to have Russell back into the team. The boys took and early lead and never looked back.

MVP: Russell

U19 Football v SherborneWon 4-2Really good match in which both teams had opportunities to win the game. Dukhan took and early lead and seemed comfortable when getting a 2-0 lead after 35 minutes. A penalty for Sherborne brought them back into the match before an excellent counter attacking goal saw Dukhan get the 2 goal barrier again. Each team scored 1 more goal each giving Dukhan a 4-2 victory. MVP Gilang
Under 14 Football v SherborneWon 3-1 Very entertaining match which saw Malek in the Dukhan goal become the hero of the night. 2 Penalty saves and awarded the MVP. A really good result against a good footballing school.
QUESS U16 Basketball Girls Tournament

Joint 2nd in the group and unfortunately knocked out on points difference.


Some great results from the girls who were drawn in a very tough group containing Al Khor, Park House and Messaid. MVP's were Lydia, Xyra and Samah
Under 16 Girls Netball A and B  v Park House

A Team Lost 21-13

B team 11-1

Very hard came against a strong park House Team. MVP went to Salma for her outstanding defending.

B Team lost in a very exciting game in which Nindy won MVP for her fantastic support and passing play.


Fixtures from 9th to 13th November

U14 Basketball v SEKWon 33 – 4

A thoroughly dominant display. Scoring in the first quarter was good but must be maintained throughout the game to progress further in the league

MVP: Jefferson

U16 Football v SherborneLost 2 – 3 Really competitive game against a very strong Sherborne team. Dukhan worked hard and twice got back on level terms but then a penalty in the last 10 minutes decided the game for Sherborne. MVP Khalid Siddiqui
U19 Football v NewtonWon 4 – 2

After a nightmare start, in which we had a player sent off and conceded two penalties, going 2-0 down in the first 5 minutes, the boys showed great determination and character to come back and deservedly win.

MVP: Ahmed Bazhad

U14  v QISLost 3 – 6

The boys were out classed by a strong attacking QIS team, which gave our boys a lot to work on for their next match.

MVP: Az Zaim

Y3/4 Boys and Girls Football friendlyNo results takenThis was a great opportunity for the students to get in some well needed practice before their main competition. There were some promising performances from both the boys and girls teams throughout the afternoon.
U14, U16, U19 Basketball v AKIS

U14 Won  23 – 22


U16 Lost 28 – 33


U19 Lost 17 - 70

U14: An epic game of basketball. Dukhan overturned a 7 point deficit to win with the very last play of the game with a great lay-up from Russell.

MVP: Az Zaim

U16: A closely matched game ended in the DES team losing by a narrow margin of 5 points. Some of the players were exhausted as this was their second game of the evening. Overall the team fought hard but fell short when it came to defensive rebounding, losing out to some key plays in the last quarter.

MVP: Sharoff

U19: The boys struggled against a well oiled, much larger and stronger Al Khor team.

It must me mentioned that half of the Dukhan U'19's team consisted of U'16 players so they should feel no shame in their loss.

Despite the large deficit the team kept in good spirits and didn't give up.

MVP: Leigh




U14, U16 Netball v ISLQ

U14 Won 14 – 4


U16A Lost 9 – 11


U16B Lost 1 – 11

U14:The girls beat ISLQ convincingly 14-4 to add to their undefeated season so far.

MVP: Rosemarie for her support all over the court.

U16A: After a slow start Dukhan pulled it back to dominate the game. With five more minutes the result would have certainly been a victory to us.

MVP: Samah who was exceptional in all areas of play.

U16B: This team showed excellent determination. Coach Kelsey Graham helped motivate the team throughout.

MVP: Maham for her excellent passes and reliable decision making.



U14 and U16 Rugby Tournament

Results Under 16's

Dukhan B  0 v French Rugby 50

Dukhan B  10 v Doha B 45

DukhanB 10 V Sherbourne 25

Dukhan A 40 v Doha A 0

Dukha A 15 v Al Khor A 25


Results Under 14's

Dukhan A 0 v Doha A 25

Dukhan B 10 v Al Khor 15

Dukhan A 15 v French Club 4

A great learning experience for all teams involved. Under 16's also had a great win against Doha rugby club.

MVP for Under 16 B: Harsh Parab

MVP Under 16 A: Sabic

U19 Cricket v Bangladesh SchoolLost by 30 runs

Although we batted well we let them score to may runs and didn't have enough overs to catch them!

MVP: Usama


Fixtures from 2nd Nov – 6th Nov




Y5/6 Girls and Boys Football Friendly



No results counted for friendly

The girls made great start winning the first two games 3-0 and 1-0. A few small mistakes in the next few games cost us another win but all in all and encouraging practice before the main competition in a few weeks.

The boys came up against some tough schools in this practice tournament. The scores didn't reflect how well the boys played. They took a lot of positives from this fixture to take to their main competition.




U14 Boys Football League v ISL




Lost 1 - 0

The boys dominated from the start, playing some excellent football. The team managed to put in a well disciplined performance with a watertight defence. Prakhar and Oscar were dominant in the air, and Arif carried on where he left off last game with his tireless running. In the 2nd half ISLQ made the most of a napping back line to go 1 – 0 and hold on for the win

MVP: Oscar






Lost 0 - 2

This was a trail match to select the best 20 players in the QUESS U16 League. It was an extremely good first half in which Dukhan had some good chances. Unfortunately two moments of skill from the rep side decided the game.

MVP: Sharoff



U14 Netball v Sherborne and Compass School



Won DUK 13 – SHER 11

Won DUK 18 – COMP 2

It was a close fought game against Sherborne. Dukhan always managed to hold a lead all the way to the end. The Compass game was not so close and the girls pulled away to take a strong victory. Great start to the league with two wins.

MVP: Anvita



U13 Netball v American Community School



Won 20 - 4

Even the windy conditions on the outdoor courts did not put off the shooters. All the girls played some skillful netball and were able to cruise to victory in the 2nd half.

MVP: Sarah

Item 3

Heading to Russia

Following on from their success at the Qatar National Robotic Olympiad Mr Osama Desoky will be taking Kaushal Chaniyara (10DEK) and Aqil Ali (6CSH) to the 11th World Robotic Olympiad 2014 in Sochi, Russia. They will also be accompanied by Mr Anthony Orme who has really developed Robotics at DES over the last year.

Item 4

School Uniform

Now that the cooler weather is coming can you please make sure that any sweaters; jumpers or cardigans comply with school uniform. They should be navy blue. Any Jackets worn to school should be plain navy blue or black and without logos.

Item 5

Diary Dates:-

  • School Open Day Thursday 27th November

Many thanks for your continued support

Derek A Jones