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The History Department aims for pupils to acquire and develop: an overview of the past; an increasingly firm understanding of organising concepts; more purposeful and increasingly analytical enquiry; a grasp of the importance of historical interpretation.

Through their study of History, we hope pupils will gain: a deeper understanding of contemporary society; respect for social, cultural, ethnic and religious diversity; skills to actively participate in our complex and plural society.

Assessment: Measured by awarding levels based upon national Curriculum guidelines. Work measured is: home and classwork together with three major exercises each year.

Year 7 – The Roman Empire from the founding of the city to the collapse in the West, focusing upon social issues, lifestyles and Roman Britain. Medieval England from the Norman invasion to the Wars of the Roses. The Feudal System and its impact upon the life of the English peasant.  History of Qatar

Year 8 – Britain 1500-1750, from the reign of Henry VIII to the accession of Willliam and Mary, covering the English Civil War and the debate concerning religious direction. The French Revolution and the Napoleonic era. Beginning in 1789 and examining the societal framework of France which led to the Revolution and to Napoleon’s regime, with particular focus upon the Terror and the collapse of feudal structures. Native Americans – Examination of three Native American societies (Inuit, Northwest, Plains); the differences in culture, lifestyle and values.  History of Qatar.

Year 9 – Britain 1750-1900. The beginnings and development of the Industrial Revolution, with an emphasis upon the  social transformations brought about by it and the continuing impact it has today.The Modern World 1914-45. Covers the outbreak of WWI, the inter-war period in Europe, the rise of the dictators  and WWII. 1945-91 – An introduction to the IGCSE course, covering the Cold War, détente and the collapse of the Soviet bloc. History of Qatar.