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Our new PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) curriculum encompasses the following aspects; Taking Part, Making a Positive Contribution, Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability, Relationships, Emotional health and Well-Being, Keeping Safe and Healthy Lifestyles.

In Year 1 the children will learn explicitly about the following:

·        What is personality?

·        Rules and participation      

·        Money and where it comes from   

·        Making friends        

·        Recognising different emotions    

·        Keeping myself safe at school and at home       

·        Food

In Year 2 the children will discuss and learn about the following:

·        Choices-How to make the Right Choices  

·        Improving our school through rules        

·        Providing and Saving         

·        Relationships with my family       

·        Communication and goal-setting  

·        Managing Risk        

·        Exercise and Dental Hygiene

Each unit of work presents opportunities for the children to develop their 21CC, e.g. Communication, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Social Awareness, Creativity, Collaboration and Relationship Management.  The curriculum has been designed to create opportunities where the children can learn and develop their understanding of our core values; Care, Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Empathy and Tolerance.