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The school firmly believes that every child is important, and the SfL department is an essential component to ensure that the school’s vision, mission and ethos are accessible to every student.

All students and young people should expect to receive a world class education at DES. The school aims to enable its pupils to achieve the best possible educational, emotional and personal outcomes. Consequently, they will become confident and able to communicate their own views, ultimately making a successful transition into adulthood.

Therefore the aim of the SfL department is to ensure that all students get the support they require to be successful by:

•  removing barriers to learning
•  creating environments where the effect of Special Educational Needs are less marked
•  putting effective special educational provision in place

We recognise that:

•  each student has intrinsic value and is of equal worth
•  the richness and diversity of our many cultures, languages and traditions are important aspects of education
•  all students should be treated with dignity, whatever their age, gender, religion, ability, appearance, social class or ethnic origin
•  we aim to promote a secure environment where every student has a sense of belonging, can grow in confidence, can develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses

The department aims to support teachers, students and parents to ensure that:

•  all students make academic and personal progress
•  learning opportunities are not restricted even though some students may have Special Educational Needs (SEN), their capacity to participate in and benefit from education needs will be accommodated for
•  teachers and parents are entitled to and can access specialist guidance on how to support students who may require additional support

Parents will be contacted by their child’s teacher if a referral to the SfL department is required.  Some assessments may be required to help identify the child’s needs and to help them learn more effectively. This may also include a request for medical assessments or referrals to specialists. Parents will be informed of all developments and of ways in which school and home can work together to support the child.
Parents are always welcome to contact the school should they have any cause for concern about their child’s academic or emotional progress.